About Brooke

Brooke Lambkin is an American singer-songwriter. Her music incorporates elements of rock, folk, gospel, country, R&B, and pop. Brooke made her debut at age 13, singing and writing songs with her sister in the alternative pop rock duo, Rainy Day Stone. The sisters quickly caught the attention of production team Michael Mikulka and Francis Buckley (Alanis Morrisette, Paula Abdul, Wilson Phillips, Aerosmith, Van Halen, etc.) who signed them immediately. And, while still in her early teens, Brooke and her sister found themselves showcasing for execs at major labels, including Universal Records and others.

During this period, Brooke developed into a top shelf studio singer. She sang on TV and radio commercial jingles as well as backup for various acts including Dean Grech - Musical Director for Radio Disney.

Despite such heady accomplishments for a girl still in her teens, Brooke felt empty and unfulfilled. She opted to take some time off and took a trip to England on a student visa. Her budding career in music almost ended there. While in England, she came very close to giving up her dream of becoming a professional singer.

That was until she met Jesus in a little room that she was renting in a house with some fellow students. Her encounter with God led Brooke to rededicate her life to the Lord and truly surrender all to Jesus.

The next month she returned to Southern California and began attending church. There, Brooke learned the value of linking song with prayer and Bible study. Before long, she was asked to sing with multiple worship teams.

Sensing the call to use her talents to worship her Creator, she began writing worship songs as a response to her quiet moments with the Lord. It didn’t take long until Brooke was singing in 7 different services for 3 different churches each week.

“Brooke is a rare talent.” says David Brighton (Bryan Duncan Band, The Altar Boys, Brighton, Quiet Riot, etc.), who produced Brooke’s release “Come and Adore Him” for the JGM label. “She knows who she is and has her own voice. Not only is Brooke a stunning vocalist, but she is a gifted songwriter as well. The honesty and sincerity she demonstrates as an artist is refreshing. When she sings a line, it rings true… it’s genuine.”

Twenty years on, with a wonderful marriage and the joy of being a mom, Brooke is still singing with worship teams and using the gifts God has given to her for His glory, all with the hope her music will encourage people to worship God as Jesus taught, “in spirit and in truth.”

photo of Brooke with trees behind her